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Heating fuel cost comparison

The heating fuel cost comparison illustrated in the preceding chart is based on the specific heat values, purchase costs and cost of heat delivered according to specific efficiency ratings for the appropriate appliances or furnaces used with a given fuel type.
    The following values were used for fuel-type purchase costs and appliance efficiency ratings in the results of the calculations reflected in the chart.

Fuel Type Unit of Measure Price per unit
of measure (1)
Efficiency Rating (%)
Wood Pellets ton $110.93 87
Fuel Oil #2 liter $0.93 50
Natural Gas GJ $15.04 80
Firewood cord $125.00 75
Electricity kWh $0.14 100
Propane lb $0.70 80
Coal ton $60.00 70
1.) Prices are in Can$

It is likely that different factors apply and cause the results of the calculations to be different in your location and circumstances.  You may wish to input the factors that apply for you into the spreadsheet (22kB) that was used to produce the results shown in the chart at the top of this page.   If you use different factors, the results of the calculations will be different from those shown in the chart on this page.  However, the graph in the spreadsheet in which you input your revised factors will be updated to reflect to changes you input.

Posted 2005 10 16
2005 10 19 (updated price information for wood pellets)