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Line Work — Upgrading guy wires

2004 09 01


Insulators to be installed in guy wires.

Fortis Alberta had identified a new item of work that we need to have done and pay for at the rate of about $97 per pole. We need to have insulators installed in guy wires, so that guy wires that should happen to break (guy anchors may corrode) and become energized will still be safe. About five years ago a line man got electrocuted on account of a guy-wire ground anchor having become corroded.

Below are photos of examples of the types of fibreglass insulators that need to be installed. Fortis had identified a total of 31 locations in the Bruderheim REA area where guy wires need to be equipped with these fibreglass insulators. During an inspection tour (2004 08 27) with Greg Davis from Fortis it was established that in the case of replacement of guyed poles the installation of insulators is included in the pole replacement cost. Therefore we will receive a bill for only 20 locations where fibreglass insulators need to be installed in guy wires.

Pole-end of fibreglass insulator

Guy-wire-end of fibreglass insulator

Pole with fibreglass insulators installed in guy wires

The two rods shown running to the lower right-hand corner of the photo are the insulators.

There are instances, such as at the transformer pole covered by the following photos, where a shorter insulator can be installed.  It depends on what needs to be done to make the guy wire safe.
Short fibreglass insulator in guy wire (lower left-hand corner of photo) Short fibreglass insulator in guy wire (enlarged view)

Posted 2004 09 01