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Global Temperature Changes

Re: What The Satellite Record Reveals
       By Willis Eschenbach, (Nov. 4, 2003)

Willis Eschenbach made an excellent analysis that shows that the global surface temperature record is riddled with errors, and that it just doesn't measure up to the quality of the satellite-measured temperature data that has been compiled since 1979.  There isn't much global warming, and what of it exists is obviously not due to CO2 emissions, or else, according to the IPCC (intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the polar regions would be showing the largest temperature increases over time.  Instead, the Arctic temperatures are showing only marginal increases, while the Antarctic experiences a cooling trend.

A summary of satellite-measured temperature-trend data produced by the NASA Global Hydrology and Climate Center agrees with the conclusions reached by Willis Eschenbach.  It states that,

The lower tropospheric data are often cited as evidence against global warming, because they have as yet failed to show any warming trend when averaged over the entire Earth. The lower stratospheric data show a significant cooling trend, which is consistent with ozone depletion. In addition to the recent cooling, large temporary warming perturbations may be seen in the data due to two major volcanic eruptions: El Chichon in March 1982, and Mt. Pinatubo in June 1991.

It is obviously of interest to many individuals to know what the temperatures are where they live at a given time and location, hence the great popularity of the TV weather reports in spite of their inconsistent predictions.  However, the surface temperature record, although some ineffective attempts to make allowances for its failings have been implemented, consistently failed and still fails to provide accurate information about global temperature trends.  The surface temperature record is not merely inaccurate, it is misleading.

One is left with the unavoidable conclusion that, as popular as local thermometers may be, they are not everywhere, they often provide very subjective or false information, and they simply do not and cannot measure up to the accuracy and consistency of temperature-trend data compiled from measurements made by satellites.
   So, why do the climate alarmists insist on using a faulty and flawed data base compiled with flawed, faulty and incomplete measurements to draw a flawed and faulty conclusion and then try to justify that conclusion with data derived from the same flawed measuring system that led them down the garden path to begin with?

A respectable scientist uses only the tools best suited for a task at hand and discards those not fit to be used because they are proven to produce wrong information. With respect to determining global temperature trends, satellite measurements are the best tool man devised for the task. All other tools and the conclusions those lead some to make are just not worth talking about.
   Regardless of what the intentions may be, it will always be deplorable to base science on propaganda and wishful thinking rather than on facts. It appears that the climate alarmists formed an opinion in search of facts that they have so far not been able to find because those facts do not exist, and that they refuse to look at the satellite record because it neither fits their ideology nor furthers their professional careers and personal fortunes.

How much longer are the taxpayers willing to put up with having their and their children's earnings potential put into hock to save the globe from a non-existent threat over which nobody has much influence even if it were to be real?

Gallery of Temperature Change Data (off-site)

This is the most comprehensive compendium of temperature graphs I have seen.  It quite nicely illustrates that the only constant of climate change is constant change.  The graphs cover records and reconstructions of temperatures covering intervals ranging from 1980 - 2007 to 542 million years before the present to now.  The gallery shows ten graphs in all.

And, yes, there were times during the past 542 million years when it was much hotter than it is now, but there were also times when it was much colder.  It is unavoidable to conclude that we will almost certainly soon have another interval when it will be much colder than it presently is.  In fact, the current levelling-off of the global average annual temperature trend (something that no self-respecting climate alarmist dares to tell the public about) could well signify the beginning of that cold period to come.

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Posted 2003 11 04
2003 (deleted graphics to global temperature trends and deleted commentaries relating to those graphics)
2007 12 08 (added entry for Gallery of Temperature Change Data)